Note: The following was our promo page for our SlutQuest Tour we did in the summer of 2004. We updated this page as we went along on our trip, so not only was it the promo page, but it was also the way for you guys to follow along in our trip. After the end of the trip we touched up the page just a bit to add some of the final info on the tour, so if you're interested in seeing what happened, read on. And be sure to check the party info page for the next SlutQuest Tour!

SlutQuest 2004 begins July 14th and YOU can be a part of it! We're hosting parties in 9 cities and you're invited! The cities are Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Phoenix. We will also be stopping in Roselawn, Natchez and Las Cruces for other events where we may have room for others. If you can be in photos with our sluts and would like to attend any of these parties or meet us on any of our stops, please email us for more details. We are bringing Oasis with us for the trip and she will be the main slut at all the events. We also intend to have you guys give us "Quest Items" for the slut to do while on the trip! We do expect other sluts to join us on the road. We are planning to meet Mona in Omaha, Liv in Memphis and then Cathy for the New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Phoenix stops. You don't want to miss this event!

Note: We kept this page updated on our trip so you'd know our current location at any time. obviously it now says home because the trip is long over!

Current Location: HOME!

Salt Lake City

Unfortunately we had car problems on our way to Salt Lake City. We wound up being about an hour late to the bar and if there were any guys there to meet us, they had already left. Too bad because we were anxious to get our slut fucked. We did snap this one photo outside the bar just so we could prove to everyone that we did, indeed, make it to Salt Lake City. And if you guys left early...this is what you missed!


We always enjoy ourselves in Denver. It's become a regular stop for us to meet up at the Falling Rock Tap House. Those guys are so cool and they even remember who we are! We had probably 8-10 people meet us, but only a couple of the guys came prepared to fuck the slut. So we went back to our hotel and she blew a few guys, got fucked by a couple others and then terrorized the hotel by sucking guests around the hotel!


Our featured co-host, Mona, never showed up. And we've been told since then that she was going to party with us here in Arizona and have never seen her. Oh well. We did actually meet a few guys at the bar in Omaha and wound up going back to the hotel to fuck the shit out of our slut, Oasis. A couple of the guys fucked her and then the 4 of them grouped together and gave her a nice bukkake.


We always like Chicago too. We found ourselves a really cool little brew-pub and it had awesome beer. Several guys showed up, but only one came prepared to be on camera and fuck the slut. So he got his turn banging the shit out of Oasis and then the rest of the guys gathered around her and dropped a load on her face, bukkake style. We hope to get a better Chicago turn-out next time!


On our way out of Chicago we took a quick stop in Roselawn, Indiana to check out Nudes-A-Poppin. If you've never gone, it's a big Miss Nude type contest and strippers from all over the U.S. come out to compete. You also run into some pornstars out there. We love it because we can get away with almost anything. And we got some great Roselawn specific Slut Quest Items that you guys wanted the slut to do.

Memphis w/Liv Wylder

We met Liv in Memphis and believe it or not, she was hotter in person than she is on her website!! She was cool as hell and we had a great time. Unfortunately all our guys were idiots and only one showed up who could shoot and then he insisted on wearing condoms. Since we don't allow Oasis to use condoms for SlutDay events, he only got to fuck Liv but got a double-BJ from both sluts.

New Orleans w/Cathy

We met up with Cathy in New Orleans to co-host all of our parties for the duration of the SlutQuest Tour. We had hoped to get Cathy & Oasis gangbanged in New Orleans but only one guy showed up at the bar meet! But the girls got him back to the hotel and had their way with him! He took turns fucking each of them in different positions and then shot his load all up inside Cathy. Oasis promptly ate all the cum out!

Houston w/Cathy

Luckily we had several more guys meet up with us in Houston. We met at a local bar and then ventured off to our hotel room. The guys took turns banging the sluts every which way. Almost all the cumshots were internal. And the girls took turns sucking all the cum out of each other and then spitting it back and forth! It was super nasty and super hot and all the guys had a great time.

Dallas w/Cathy

We always seem to have a pretty good turnout in Dallas and this trip was no different! The girls came up with a Business Meeting type theme for the party and we rented a board room kinda suite and the guys showed up in business suits. After going through a business meeting the girls stripped down and the guys went to work. Both sluts got DP'd in several positions and were filled and coated in cum by the end of the gangbang. The sluts did a lot of cum swapping too.

Phoenix w/Cathy

What a great stop this turned out to be! Several guys showed up for the bar meet. While sitting at the bar/restaurant waiting for the guys to show up, we realized that the bar was closing and most everyone had gone home. So we started fooling around right there in the restaurant and wound up doing the entire gangbang there! The owner came out to talk with us but the sluts both fucked him and he let us stay!

Note: We kept a list of how many cocks Oasis sucked & fucked along the trip. The following is the final count of strangers she had on the entire trip.

 SlutQuest - Guys in July, 2004    Fucked: 17 - Sucked: 28   

The following is our Slut Map:

As if that weren't enough action for one month we also had another little bit of fun during our SlutQuest Tour. The "quest" part came from you guys. We asked you guys to give us little "quests" for our slut to do while on the trip. Some of the requests were awesome and some we just couldn't do. The following is a partial list of what you guys came up with for Quest Items. The ones checked are the ones we've updated here on this promo page. We completed some of the others as well.

Wash the car windows wearing little or nothing while you fill up with gas.
Naked passenger through a fastfood drive thru.
Sex with anyone in any elevator.
Open the door for room service naked
Naked in front of a Water Tower with a town name visible.
Flash titties next to a construction worker on the road.
Stand naked next to a national landmark/monument.
Naked in front of the Mississippi River and a bridge.
Flash in front of whatever types of animals we can find.
Flash in front of a Exit 69 sign.
Naked on a road construction vehicle.
Naked at RR X-ing.
Give a stranger a BJ at a rest stop.
Naked on a golf course.
Sex with anyone in a hotel stairwell.
Naked in the cab of an 18-wheeler.
Naked in a hotel weight-room.
Naked in front of a well-known lake (ie. Great Lakes, Salt Lake, Lake Ponchatrain)
Blow a Military Guy in uniform.
Blow a cab driver.
Blow a guy through a glory hole.
Get a facial in an adult theatre.
Stand in a Wal-Mart parking lot with a dripping facial.
Give a Blowjob on home plate of a baseball field.
Nudes-A-Poppin Specific: Shower nude in the outdoor shower at Roselawn.

Note: There are more "quests" completed, the checked ones are just ones we've managed to get online while we're on the road! Enjoy!

Emails: SlutMaster | Slut Oasis | Slut Cathy