Our annual Porn on the 4th of July event is coming up soon, so get your applications in now! Last year was our biggest year ever with 3 girls and 9 studs all partying over the 3 day weekend. We expect this year to be just as big.

Fri, July 2nd is our hospitality night. We'll be greeting guests and getting everyone comfortable for the weekend. It's free-form as to what will be going on, but I'm SURE our slut will not disappoint! We will also be attempting to do our photo recreation night. What this means is that we'll take images that you guys send us and try to have our slut recreate the pose. So say you found a great DP or air tight or some other great pose from the web, send it to us and we'll try to recreate it with our slut and the guys that are here for Fri.

Sat, July 3rd is our big gangbang day. We'll be banging Oasis pretty much every which way but loose all day long (OK, we'll probably be banging her pretty loose too, she's awefully tight!) In the living room, in the kitchen, in the pool, out by the grill...etc. Feel free to pop in any time on Sat, give the slut a bang and then hang out or be on your way! We also hope to have some guest sluts on Saturday but we don't have anything confirmed yet!

Sun, July 4th is our lake day! We'll be heading out on the lake in our pontoon boat and will have 4-5 slots available for guys who want to party with Oasis and any other sluts we might be bringing along. We'll likely hit up Copper Canyon to party and then find a nice private cove to get some gangbang action! (At present time this doesn't look like it's going to happen. We no longer have a boat. We're still attempting to get access to one for Sunday but we're just not sure if we'll be able to get it. If not we'll do a rinse & repeat of Saturday!)

If you're interested in attending any of this event, please email us!

Emails: SlutMaster | Slut Oasis